We are working with Fundacion Rayo Vallecano, to provide young players to continue their football journey in Spain and develop their football skills, technique, knowledge, and mental through the Spanish method with Rayo Vallecano. Our main objective is to provide the player with the necessary tools to develop all their skills related to football.

Our facility is located in the town of Villa de Vallecas, Madrid. Our facility is equipped with everything necessary for training and physical preparation of the players.

Comprehensive training is key to our program. High Performance Training designed under the Rayo Vallecano methodology is complemented with nutrition, video analysis and physical preparation.

Players will participate on the official league matches (based on their skills), Fundacion Rayo Vallecano (FRV) is now competing in Tercera Aficion Madrid, and we will be the bridge between FRV and Rayo Vallecano B team (Tercera RFEF). We will also take care of their football career after the program ended.

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Born in Jakarta, Februari 12th 2004

Height: 169 Cm

Weight: 57 Kg

Moved to Spain with Fuenlabrada CF on 2022, spent 1 year in Fuenlabrada D team and finally moved to Fundacion Rayo Vallecano on 2023. Joined the team from the pre-season and stay as the regular player of the Fundacion Rayo Vallecano team for 2023/24 season. 

"Ganar, ganar, y volver a ganar"  (win, win, and win again)
- Luis Aragones -